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Right… So-

Remember how I said I’ve been having a lot of fun doodling and coloring in angry-violent bastards? Welll… I made a poster! Huzzah! Someone throw me a sandwich!

(Disclaimer* And by the by, if your geek glands start flaring up and you start flinching because I gave Batman a gun, YES I know how backwards and messed up it is, and YES it was intentional. I was going for irony. He’s fighting Jesus for petesake.)

Click to zoom in, and you get plus points if you can name every person in it (good luck)… Or at least, the people I INTENDED to be in it. I’m still practicing the caricature thing.

I had no idea…

Lately, I haven’t been drawing out any new comics to share, but I have been illustrating little bits here and there as commission work… Who would’ve thought that drawing raging, violent bastards could be so much fun?! I mean, I don’t think I’ve been more pensive than usual lately, but I had no idea doodling a brawl could be so rewarding! (Thank you for the opportunity, Joel!)

To read more, and listen to Joel Darwin’s kick ass sad and angry bastard mix tape, click here (hard!)


Alrighty then. I’ve got 2 copies of “clean-up” left, and they’re reserved for one: Migs Marfori and another Zig Marasigan. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be seeing either of you soon, but I’ll just hang onto these til I do : )

In the mean time… I think it’s time I posted it here; the month of May is over, after all. Without further ado:

Side note: Lots of people have commented on how huge my room looks here. Truthfully, it’s not. See all those white spaces? Those don’t really exist. I just added them so that the inking wouldn’t be as sloppy.

Plus points if you can guess the book.

(The End.) Then Segue:
The End-End.