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Just a couple of hours

I actually drew and inked these last Monday, (in a Burger King, no less!)

Oh yes, before anything, disclaimer alert:

Since Knives, my laptop got buggy and went to the shop, I haven’t been able to properly clean up my CerealSat work. Normally, “cleaning up” wouldn’t be that big a deal, since cropping was all I ever needed to do back in the day. However, now that I’m using other scanners (belonging to my mom’s office and Giz), I unfortunately don’t know how to automatically get the contrast level I’m used to… Thus all the gray and dullness. Ugh. I know, it’s horrid; I apologize for all the gray and all the dullness.


“Because X is the new Y”

Last week or so, the lovely Alice asked me if I was interested in contributing comics on “Dating” for New Slang. Naturally, I yelled HELLYES! got to work immediately, and then proceeded to tear my hair out the next following day. As it turns out, I know next to NOTHING on dating. YES I can share a story or two about relationships, but somehow that’s not quite the same thing, is it?

Gizmo, I resolve that we should go on more dates.

Either way, please excuse the choppy narrative… I kind of winged it on the final stretch and didn’t plan it out as well as I should have. ‘Hope you enjoy though!

Like what you see?  Check out New Slang for more prose and essays by artists who tell it like it is.

Hi all…

Knives, my darling laptop is currently in the shop. Her video card conked out yesterday afternoon and it might be another 1-2 weeks before I get her back. (cue eating my feelings)

In the mean time, I’m working on Gizmo’s little red Acer, Vanessa. She’s a tiny little thing, and her keyboard is just my size. ‘Makes me wonder how Giz’s huge man hands manage without clomping around.

And yes, while I unfortunately haven’t got anything new to really post, I just felt I’d share my first bonafide commission and photoshop’d … thing:

Looks like Rainbow Brite snorted radioactive skittles. Lisa Frank (meets Bill Nye) was the peg so please don’t scoff  😉 hehehe…

(Tzi “Baman” David, Rina “The Fonz” Alfonso, and Dave “scrotumnose” Alegre, you guys are the best.)

Look familiar? It was based on that baby shower invite I made for Jen and baby Lucy all those months back (Love you girls<3) Thanks for the work too, Alysia! Twas a pleasure.

Side note: No I won’t be boring all of you with off handed braggy talk for every time I get paid to do something. But “firsts” deserve a post, right? (sheepish grin)


Three pages done in one night… Not bad, if I do say so myself. Tiny disclaimer though (as always): I was pretty zonked by the time I was inking in the narrative so I apologize for the misplaced commas and general choppiness of it all. Enjoy!

Bet a few of you are trying to remember if you got hugs from me eh? 😉 Bet you can’t remember. I’m sneaky itchy ninja.

On another note, a few of you might have caught the premature release of “Playing the Game” yesterday, and you might be wondering why I took it down. Well actually, it’s my contribution to New Slang‘s February anthology of “Awkwardity”; after some thought (and coaxing from Alice :o) I figured I might as well let them have “first” publish. Well… almost first anyway. To those who haven’t read it, keep an eye out for it there! I spent a solid week of tearing hair follicles out just to get it done. In the mean time, stay tuned to CerealSat folks! Cheers!

Inbetween Days

Alright kids… just like the first panel in this set says, these hourlies were drawn and inked out the day right after I resigned from good ol’ Bates 141. (That was… around Feb 2 or something. @_@)

Now,some of you might be thinking: “ZOMG REG YOU QUIT??”, while a few of you are more of a “Pfft. Old news.” variety. I apologize for the loss of days here at cerealsat, but just like my last two entries screamed, I do NOT own a scanner. That said, updates might have to be more scheduled from now on, since I no longer have the luxury of a fast working, hi-res Canon scanner right at my desk. (/tear)

NOR do I have a steady income of moneyz…(/cry)

…or officemates to troop to Bugsy’s with at 7:00 PM. (/WAAAH)

AHEM. But enough of the bawling right? This is old hat news as far as my days go, afterall. So without further delay:

I also apologize for the wonky spacing and de-sat quality. I SHOULD fix it, but after all the bruhaha I went through just get these 5 pages up (finally) I really would rather NOT. hehe… (I dunno. Maybe later after supsup._

Off we go!