Inbetween Days

Alright kids… just like the first panel in this set says, these hourlies were drawn and inked out the day right after I resigned from good ol’ Bates 141. (That was… around Feb 2 or something. @_@)

Now,some of you might be thinking: “ZOMG REG YOU QUIT??”, while a few of you are more of a “Pfft. Old news.” variety. I apologize for the loss of days here at cerealsat, but just like my last two entries screamed, I do NOT own a scanner. That said, updates might have to be more scheduled from now on, since I no longer have the luxury of a fast working, hi-res Canon scanner right at my desk. (/tear)

NOR do I have a steady income of moneyz…(/cry)

…or officemates to troop to Bugsy’s with at 7:00 PM. (/WAAAH)

AHEM. But enough of the bawling right? This is old hat news as far as my days go, afterall. So without further delay:

I also apologize for the wonky spacing and de-sat quality. I SHOULD fix it, but after all the bruhaha I went through just get these 5 pages up (finally) I really would rather NOT. hehe… (I dunno. Maybe later after supsup._

Off we go!

3 thoughts on “Inbetween Days

  1. Chi

    OMG You really resigned! I’ve heard it from Migs and it seems like he’s resigning this March too. :(

    Who’s replaced you? And and and…I’m going to apply, Migs has asked me to take his place. I am sort of anxious about getting a copywriting position! Like, what do you guys do? I am le worried. =_=’

    Still, I can’t believe you’re not in Bates anymore. What’s keeping you busy these days? Sorry I’m rambling. I haven’t talked to you for the longest time! Hey hey, I passed my thesis defense! My year-long’s worth of hardwork! Hahaha! Thanks you guys, you helped me right from the start. :) And I do miss you!

    XOXO and much loverly love,

  2. Reg Post author

    Hey Chi!

    Hahaha! Rambling is alright. Yes I’ve resigned :) and I know what you mean; it all happened so fast.

    Honestly I don’t know who’s replacing me, but you SHOULD apply! That’d be great Chi! 😀 You were really helpful with the name studies assignments we gave you (remember? 😉 hehe… I think you’d do a good job!

    Congratulations on the thesis!! WHOO HOO! It’s finally over! Congratulations on all your hard earned work :) :) We know how much effort and love you put into it.

    As for me, don’t worry! :) I’ve only been out for a couple of weeks so I’ve been focusing on my comics, and trying to figure out where to go from here <:) I've been trying to take a crack at digital art too, but I'm sloooow <: ) (I'm missing the office scanner very, VERY much! hehehe) We'll see you soon Chi! Love you!!! Reg

  3. Chi

    I’m fixing my resume right now :) Why don’t you make a comic book! Or get tied up with a newspaper or something. Like Beerkada or Kikomachine. 😀

    Haha you should invest on your own scanner! 😀


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