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6 Words

Oh yes, and before I manage to forget again, lemme share with you all the illustrations I did for my friend Mig’s word stories (or as I like to call ’em: “flash fiction”) – Tadaaa!

I’m quite pleased with the turn out of these pictures, I must say. They are pretty, aren’t they?

These are box-illustrations, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and let you interpret which illustration matches with the intended story… except for the one with the naked lady wearing a helmet and sitting on a posture stool. I have NO idea what I was thinking with that one. Anyhow, here you go. Like so:

She’s happy not knowing the answers.

They shared a passion for words.

Not what I wanted to hear.

I must have done something right.

The proof is on her neck.

Found true love in a bathroom stall.

Promise: I won’t put it in.

“Can we please stop using condoms?”

Didn’t live up to the hype.

She lied about being a virgin.

To be active is to count.

OR, you can check out the article itself over at New Slang! Huzzah!

I love you, baby, but no.

Last Friday, Giz got himself a hair cut…

Yaya Nonette, God bless her cranky soul, is Gizmo’s old yaya. She’s efficient, sharp as a whip, and she loves The Sangco dogs so much, I’m willing to bet she loves ’em more than people. Also, as you can see here, she tells it like it is with little remorse.  I love her. hehehe

Whoo! Boobs on a Monday

I know I promised this Sunday (or my name is Mud, which it is, apparently) but our internet crashed some time around midnight and I was unable to upload the new goods 🙁 Either way, I’m here now and I promise-promise that I’ll try harder to be more consistent with uploads- new schedule and hours be damned.

In other news, it’s Monday and we’re out of coffee. I’m drinking the instant kind that tastes like over sweetened, bitter crap, and I’m feeling downright murderous. Ah well, at least the floor’s quiet. ‘Morning all! See you soon.

Cue music!

Hi. Remember me?

I’ve sheepishly been dodging my lack of updates with meek and poor excuses:

“I’ve joined the work force again.”

“I’m uninspired.”

“I’ll get to it; I promise.”

Honestly, I had hoped that no one had really noticed my absence, but then a loud shout from a good friend (Marla) scolded me out of the blue, and I was forced to confront my laziness… albeit with a humble slice of shame.

There isn’t any excuse for this unannounced hiatus at cerealsat. Unfortunately, despite all this fuss, I still haven’t got anything new to share; it’s 1:05 AM and I’ve just come from Arnold Arre’s film debut: “Kaye for Komiks” at Fullybooked. It was… WOW. It was spot on; as cheesy as it sounds, it was almost as if it was written and shot just for me. (You know… Comic-dreaming gal from Advertising chucks all hope and financial stability out the proverbial window in order to pursue her dreams of comicking greatness, all the while hanging out with an anti-social comic savvy recluse).

And really, who CAN’Tkeenly relate with the pressure of pursuing a dream in exchange for a more stable and (on paper) fulfilling endeavor like a 9-5 J-O-B?

But more that just that, it repeated great truths that I’ve parroted (drunken and sober) myself. Comics are GREAT. They are truly, really, fucking great. I’m only sorry that I’ve ended June and begun July without even a peep at cerealsat. (Thanks Marla. I needed that shove. 🙂

I’m sorry, and I promise to get right back to it…but  until I produce a new strip (something by Sunday, or my name’s Mud), here’s a little victory to tide you over.

Fresh off the presses in this month’s Uno magazine:

That’s right people; we have seen print!“Yvonne” is actually my mother’s name. Her name was originally supposed to be “Severine”, to complement her ‘tough, wild woman’ exterior. Alas, my friend named Severine is ass shy and didn’t give me permission to use her name.

I love you guys!