Monthly Archives: November 2010

Illustration (Again)

Who is this chick? I have no clue. She’s just a random doodle I did last night during practice. I’ve been trying my hand at drawing straight from my wacom lately… for the last 2 months in fact : P I still suck at it, but this is just my way of trying to cut 3 steps out of my comics process. Imagine not being at the mercy of a SCANNER anymore? Man, that’d be so nice.

Okay, so I’m kind of a slut

Here’s my second submission to Harvey James’ Pick a Cat, Draw a Girl contest. And yes, I *might* have totally done the girly -squee shuffle hop after Mr. Harvey James referred to me as ladycakes in his response.

*buries face* God I’m such a tart.

What can I say? Illustrators and artists I admire (no matter how famous or infamous they are) have that effect on me.