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My favorite CerealSat stories in a non-complicated, chronological order!


I’m back. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My deepest apologies. *sad sad sad face*

Things have been incredibly topsy turvy as of late, and a lot has gone down. THAT, and I’ve been busy at work with pitches and deadlines zipping past like a death wish waiting to happen. It’s been a pretty nutso couple of days in the life.

On a lighter note, I promise I’ll make light of everything in due time and before we get to that, I thought I’d scan and share this comic… You see, last week, some spirit of consumerist zen and youthful limberness possessed me to sign up for yoga and pilates sessions at (the swanky) Bliss Yoga Center. It was TONS of fun (no sarcasm, I swearz) and I grabbed a lot of stories to comick from it- as I’m sure a few of you can imagine. “REG EXERTS PHYSICAL EFFORT” alone screams fun and play (in a sort of, you know.. self-centered kind of way.) This IS kind of an illustrated diary more than webcomic. Hopefully someday I’ll change that.

Anywho, without further ado:

This comic is actually a work in progress… “part II” will be uploaded as soon as I find another pocket of time to draw and ink it all out. Thanks folks!

Plain and simple.

Man… I could use one of those gooey chocolatey babies right about now. With cold milk. ARG.

I’ve been meaning to talk a little more about the new year, and how I really feel about 2010. I was looking forward to opening Cereal Sat ’10 with a bang; but as you can all plainly see, I haven’t done anything of the sort. Why? I haven’t had the will or organization to do it, talk about it, or even decide just what I really WANT out of the year (in feasible terms of course).

I’m good at WANTING things, but not very skilled in setting out to get it. I mean, I’m still jonesing for a cookie, aren’t I?

So… I just went ‘splooey…

Normally I’d have a short introduction before jumping straight into the thick of things, but in this case, I’m running late for dinner with Gizmo and meh tummy’s getting angry. Could use a drink- but ANYWAY. Here we go:

And you can too! Labo, tch.

Don’t understand a word I’m saying? Scroll down to number one here, or mosy on down to your nearest swanky bookstore and pick up a copy. It’s as hefty as the price tag, but trust me, it’s well worth your money. PEACE!

Fast like Cheetah!

Posting before work falls on my head like a ton of bricks. Finally Day ONE of my Ad Congress experience is finito. Hope you like.


And again, a kodak look at it:

10855_333485010292_721870292_9895958_944518_n 10855_333485060292_721870292_9895966_2221242_n 10855_333485070292_721870292_9895967_6116988_n

That’s me making pa-cool at the talk and then the actual book signing…

In other news, I’m totally hopped up on love for Lucy Knisley (see sidebar) and her newest ukulele chart topper- The Ballad of One Fang. Gog, she’s such a babe. <3 I’d take up ukulele lessons too if I didn’t know for a fact that I’m a miserable, musical dodo.

Donde. Esta. La Biblioteca?

I’ve been missing in action for days, and I’m so sorry for that, ladies and gents (sad face) You would think that with ad congress over and the year steadily coming to a fold, things would slow down for the holidays, right? Sigh. If only it were so. In our desperate attempt to meet the yearly quota, we’ve been killing ourselves with pitches galore. And yes, while I’ve always been able to doodle up something no matter what, it gets kind of embarrassing to be so blatantly NOT working when the rest of the crew’s doing their best. (feet shuffle) Gog I’m so full of it. I literally finished this page in 10 minutes, and it shows:

IMAGE0001There’s about 2 and a half weeks left of work time here at the office, but that only means that it’s crunch time more than ever. As my friend Manny put it, every day is sounding more and more like the time-is-running-out Super Mario theme. Personally I think it sounds more like the Star theme.

Thing’s will get better, I promise : (

Part ONE

So, here’s part one (obviously), of how “I Met (or kind of pissed off) James Jean”. To all you grammar Nazis out there, I humbly apologize if I flutter from past to present tense without warning… I’ve yet to master the narrative. Come to think of it, I kind of do it all on the fly. Anywho, without further ado:


Will Reg’s love be dashed?? Is James Jean truly a douche??

Stay tuned for Part Two in this all too brief tale of disappointment and angst!