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For the Love of a Man

Hey folks! Here’s a comic about an Avilon Zoo trip Giz and I went on a couple of Saturdays ago. ‘Hope none of you are diabetic (I kid. It’s not THAT schmaltzy). Enjoy!

(Fun Facts: Their orangutan male is named “Joey” and their tiger is “Ruffa”!

Hehe… Wonder if her keeper’s an Annabelle)

Thusly, from now on, I resolve to do most of my lettering with a fancy computery font. *Is so proud, beams are shooting outta her butt*


I’ve been wanting to do this for WEEKS. More accurately, I’ve been wanting to draw this out ever since this post. I just haven’t been able to since something more current and presumably more important keeps popping up. WELL. Last weekend I finally found the time. Pol Doble- this is for you. :)


Originally, my lay out was another page longer with thigh slapping and butt wiggling action. (It was based on the post, although rereading it, the thigh slap bit doesn’t seem to be up anymore. Did you edit it, Pol? Or was it just an awesome dream?)

In any case, since my job seems so hell bent to kill me sometime during these last 4 days of work of 2009 one page is all I’ve got : ( I’ll try to find my groove and a pocket of time again, guys. Cheers!

Fast like Cheetah!

Posting before work falls on my head like a ton of bricks. Finally Day ONE of my Ad Congress experience is finito. Hope you like.


And again, a kodak look at it:

10855_333485010292_721870292_9895958_944518_n 10855_333485060292_721870292_9895966_2221242_n 10855_333485070292_721870292_9895967_6116988_n

That’s me making pa-cool at the talk and then the actual book signing…

In other news, I’m totally hopped up on love for Lucy Knisley (see sidebar) and her newest ukulele chart topper- The Ballad of One Fang. Gog, she’s such a babe. <3 I’d take up ukulele lessons too if I didn’t know for a fact that I’m a miserable, musical dodo.

Donde. Esta. La Biblioteca?

I’ve been missing in action for days, and I’m so sorry for that, ladies and gents (sad face) You would think that with ad congress over and the year steadily coming to a fold, things would slow down for the holidays, right? Sigh. If only it were so. In our desperate attempt to meet the yearly quota, we’ve been killing ourselves with pitches galore. And yes, while I’ve always been able to doodle up something no matter what, it gets kind of embarrassing to be so blatantly NOT working when the rest of the crew’s doing their best. (feet shuffle) Gog I’m so full of it. I literally finished this page in 10 minutes, and it shows:

IMAGE0001There’s about 2 and a half weeks left of work time here at the office, but that only means that it’s crunch time more than ever. As my friend Manny put it, every day is sounding more and more like the time-is-running-out Super Mario theme. Personally I think it sounds more like the Star theme.

Thing’s will get better, I promise : (

With More Love…

I salvaged my first attempt at the Brothers Bloom and I have to admit, I’m a lot more pleased with this turn out. Of course, my trusty .4 pen gets the credit for the details.

And here’s a whack at Bang Bang <3 (I crush her so hard)… She didn’t turn out QUITE as well as I would’ve liked through. Ah well. We’ll try again some other time, yes? You be the judge: Bang Bang

She looks like an evil munchkin.

Game On!

This is actually overdue… I’ve been putting it off since I couldn’t reconcile how it was turning out :/ Finally I decided, screw it. I’ll never get shit done at the rate I do-over every blot.

It’s a (sloppily inked) comic about Saturday Game Night with the lawyers and a couple of new faces- who I effectively lost money to, after 2 poker matches huhu. I’m so glad we met up! It feels like forever since we’ve had a steady schedule for cards and Catan.

A couple of epically long poker games, a round of Settlers and 2 quick draws of Bang! later, we packed up and called it a night around 3 am. Good times.

Here’s the convo Giz and I had on the way home:


Heeh… I’m such a sucker for a well-played compliment (teehee). Most especially since I’ve been fighting the bloat. I mean, have YOU ever been complimented in Chinese?!  Perhaps. But the only other time it’s ever happened to me was a month ago; when Shanghai vendors wanted my money.

Points if you can place where “Mecha Shiva” came from.

Wobbly Hands

Today wasn’t a very good day, as far as inking and drawing went. It was a bumpy ride, with lots of do-overs and hair pulling. It’s been day 4 since my doodling has started acting up. Nothing has been turning out the way I want, and I’m tired of mucking around all over the place. Tch. Finally, I caved and decided to use a pen again just to warm up a little.

So folks, after much drama- here’s my tribute to the glorious movie I had every pleasure viewing last night. IT WAS SO, SO, SO GOOD. Crap, something on my top 5’s gotta give just to make room.

Don’t Make Me

I practiced with my Pigma Pen some more when I got home last night, and I’ve been inking up a storm… Sadly, it’s not the wedded bliss I thought it’d be. Here’s last night’s doodle page- back when things were still ok. =_= What happened you ask? It’s only been 48 hours, right? Well. We’re working on it, but if this crap keeps up we’re totally breaking up.

Let’s just chock this up to lessons in getting-to-know-your-equip. Problem is, it led me on. The Pigma “brush” pen, is TECHNICALLY not a brush at all! It’s really just a soft marker, with a fiber tip. The problem is that the fine fiber tip doesn’t stay fine very long. It’s wont to split up a bit at the ends after some use (and lemme tell you, I’ve been PRACTICING.) 48 hours after I declared eternal love, it starts gunking up all over the place. *shakes head*

I thought what we had was special. So instead of clean, flowing lines, you’ve got clumsy, wobbly work. Say good-bye to details. I’m trying to compromise by drawing BIGGER. Maybe that’d work, right? Well.. we’ll just have to see. But in the mean time, let’s take a look at happier times:

Happier Times

Happier Times

Note: This didn’t actually HAPPEN. I was sitting down, sulking over my Pigma Pen and imagined it all in my head like some sort of schadenfreude high dipshit. So.. Yeah. I’m not really a bitch. Only an imaginary one. / disclaimer.

Makin’ (Whatcha) Love!

Okay, so here I go.

I apologize to anyone who’s stumbled on this site… I need to get onto some serious decorating. Maybe some new curtains, a coffee table and a rug that matches the wall paper. What do you think? Think of this as a soft opening of sorts. I’ve just been itching to finally SAY something here at CerealSat- fugliness aside. It’s just that I’ve been relying on eljay for so long, I must admit I feel silly blogging like this when I can’t even say for certain ANYONE is out there. Even shopping around for page lay-outs has been intimidating.  (But that’s why I’ve got you, right Jam? Many thanks again :o)

HOWELL. Let’s do this right. Here’s basically what I’ve got going on back at the old place, but let’s try to get serious about this moving out business, yeah?

And so without further ado… tadaaa: