I’ve been wanting to do this for WEEKS. More accurately, I’ve been wanting to draw this out ever since this post. I just haven’t been able to since something more current and presumably more important keeps popping up. WELL. Last weekend I finally found the time. Pol Doble- this is for you. :)


Originally, my lay out was another page longer with thigh slapping and butt wiggling action. (It was based on the post, although rereading it, the thigh slap bit doesn’t seem to be up anymore. Did you edit it, Pol? Or was it just an awesome dream?)

In any case, since my job seems so hell bent to kill me sometime during these last 4 days of work of 2009 one page is all I’ve got : ( I’ll try to find my groove and a pocket of time again, guys. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Segue!

  1. DOBLE

    The thigh slapping part was in the COMMENTS section of that entry. Take a gander.


    Thanks for making me look extra creepy, by the way.

    Incidentally we don’t shout stuff in Judo. You’re thinking of Karate.

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