Makin’ (Whatcha) Love!

Okay, so here I go.

I apologize to anyone who’s stumbled on this site… I need to get onto some serious decorating. Maybe some new curtains, a coffee table and a rug that matches the wall paper. What do you think? Think of this as a soft opening of sorts. I’ve just been itching to finally SAY something here at CerealSat- fugliness aside. It’s just that I’ve been relying on eljay for so long, I must admit I feel silly blogging like this when I can’t even say for certain ANYONE is out there. Even shopping around for page lay-outs has been intimidating.  (But that’s why I’ve got you, right Jam? Many thanks again :o)

HOWELL. Let’s do this right. Here’s basically what I’ve got going on back at the old place, but let’s try to get serious about this moving out business, yeah?

And so without further ado… tadaaa:

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