Monthly Archives: January 2010

So… I just went ‘splooey…

Normally I’d have a short introduction before jumping straight into the thick of things, but in this case, I’m running late for dinner with Gizmo and meh tummy’s getting angry. Could use a drink- but ANYWAY. Here we go:

And you can too! Labo, tch.

Don’t understand a word I’m saying? Scroll down to number one here, or mosy on down to your nearest swanky bookstore and pick up a copy. It’s as hefty as the price tag, but trust me, it’s well worth your money. PEACE!

A peep to break the quiet

Hi all. I’m so sorry I dropped off the face of the earth- I should have at least mentioned that the CerealSat scanner I use belongs to the OFFICE… (sheepish chuckle)

Though, scanner excuses aside, I must admit I have been anything BUT productive this holiday. As soon as the break began, December just sucked me into a vortex of Christmasy shopping and turkey stuffing…

I’m still reeling.

For starters, I’m still trying to explain to my pudding belly why I’m not wearing my pj’s, not slumped in my sleepy kitchen, and not nibbling on queso de bola. Sigh. Happy New Year one and all. I know it may not show, but if you’re reading this, I love you. <3