With apologies to Mr. Abrera

I’m not schooled in all of Manix Abrera’s work, but after just buying his new book “12” (YOU SHOULD TOO!), in hindsight, certain bugs in this strip kind of resemble his own. Weh. My apologies.

Then again… draw a poop shape, add a couple of lines, ¬†and you’ve basically got- tada! IPIS! Hum. ¬†Anyway:

Buut, yes. For inexplicable reasons, my shower area is a bona fide roach graveyard. You know how some animals disappear from home to die? Well. The little jerks like to rendezvous at my shower during their last hours. This fact is particularly unpleasant, when you’re about to take a bath and just about as blind as can be. Yeesh.


5 thoughts on “With apologies to Mr. Abrera

  1. Reg Post author

    I love you marlala! (Does it happen to you too? There’s no explaining WHY they keep dying in my shower area. What IS it? Is my soapy sweat residue toxic to them?? Can I bottle it and be rich??)

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