Dear readers

I’ve been putting this off, but with the constant delays in updates, it seems like I have no choice but to address the issue 🙁 I’ve been having a lot of bad luck lately with my equipment; first my laptop konked out and was out of commission for 2 weeks, then my pen tablet stopped responding to me. These are all just excuses really, given that I could always switch back to analog- gog knows I’ve been inking with a brush longer than I have with a pen tablet. The problem is my deadlines have been piling up on me and with the lost time, I’ve had no choice but to prioritize clients over my personal entries. It sucks, I know 🙁

Currently, I’m trying to figure out *just* what is wrong with Knives, and I’m shopping for a new pen tablet (this shaky one I’m currently using is 4 years old). I sent Knives over to the Power MAC Store, but after paying P1,000 for a system check up, those fancy tech guys couldn’t find anything wrong with her and sent her back to me with an A-OK stamp and a report of basically NOTHING. Unfortunately for me, those bastards didn’t get anything done, and Knives is still intermittently buggy: sound refuses to work, boots on safe mode, caps lock with a mind of its own, and programs operating at the speed of snail. They can expect bloody hell from me as soon as Holy Week blows over, but unfortunately this changes nothing; until I get my equipment set and deadlines out of the way, my hands are tied. All I’m asking is please be patient, friends 🙁

What I CAN do though, is promise you a date: UPDATES ON CEREALSATURDAYS WILL RESUME ON MAY 1ST.

Thanks, loves!

One thought on “Dear readers

  1. Pam Demetillo

    hi regie! you may not remember me anymore but i was an intern before at bates. wow! i so much enjoyed reading and looking at your works! i’d like to affirm that you’re gift is really into visual arts particularly illustrations. your works have a signature and character. keep it up! 🙂

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