4 thoughts on “Singapore Sling

  1. Miguel

    There’s a kopi tiam on the corner of Bencoolen and Bras Brasah that’s open 24 hours, has nice dimsum, and serves large bottles of beer for around 7 SGD the last time I was there. Dhoby Ghaut or Bras Brasah stations will get you within walking distance of it.

    Good luck over there Reg 🙂

  2. Reg Post author

    Miguel: Thanks for the tip, luv! Actually, it just so happened that we were in the swanky part of town (I think). Boat Quay? We were supposed to go play boardgames but the place was closed, and the other place didn’t serve alcohol so. We ended up. Just. Drinking. o___o

    It cost $15 because it was the local brew of the restaurant, and I figured I’d try something new rather than order up a Guinness or Kilkenny. Hooray for curiosity and openness to new things! Let’s not do that again!


    Marvin: It was. Fair. Nothing spectacular. <:p

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