Down for the Count

Sigh. Hi folks. I’m back- not completely recovered but in the very least, I’m back. I had an awful weekend, chock full of sick taste, crankiness, aches, fat person woes, fever… you get the picture. It’s depressing for me to have to admit this, but I think it’s time I officially quit smoking -WELL DUH, right?- And by “officially” I mean I solemnly swear that I’ll make an actual effort to kick the habit. For realz.

The decision came about last night in a paranoid storm of anxiety. I had only ONE working nostril, and a chest cavity that wheezed like an ancient squeak toy. What if I doze off and stop breathing? Gog if I die in this dusty, wreck of a room I’m going to be so mad… Ahem. Etc etc. So much for a coming back to work well rested; I ended up sleeping at 3 *sad face*


To better understand the last two panels, here’s the infamous “Calvin & Hobbes final strip“. Don’t fret- it’s obviously doctored. Rumor has it there’s a similar strip floating around the interwebz for Peanuts where Snoopy’s put down. Shrugs.

Also, you might’ve noticed that I used a regular ol’ pen for these Hourlies. As crappy as things were, I didn’t wanna push it with brush pens. I’m sorry this is all I’ve got to show… I honestly tried to make a ton of comics; I wanted to make up for my absence with a huge post. Pfft. flu pwns reg.

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