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Straight Up No Nonsense Hourlies

Except for the title. Soak it up, folks… it’s the most color you’re gonna see today:



(Yes you read right. I get baon just like in grade school, but I’m an adult yo.)

If it wasn’t clear for all of you, that second panel at 2:00 is my manyak face. Also, the final panel says 6:00 but really, it was more of a 5:45 deal. Hehe.. I luckily recovered from my nausea, keeping all those expensive drugs in meh belly. *shudder* I’m keen on skipping on homeward bound the minute this post is published too. Hope you all enjoyed. This is as self-indulgent as it gets, folks! Bow!

Down for the Count

Sigh. Hi folks. I’m back- not completely recovered but in the very least, I’m back. I had an awful weekend, chock full of sick taste, crankiness, aches, fat person woes, fever… you get the picture. It’s depressing for me to have to admit this, but I think it’s time I officially quit smoking -WELL DUH, right?- And by “officially” I mean I solemnly swear that I’ll make an actual effort to kick the habit. For realz.

The decision came about last night in a paranoid storm of anxiety. I had only ONE working nostril, and a chest cavity that wheezed like an ancient squeak toy. What if I doze off and stop breathing? Gog if I die in this dusty, wreck of a room I’m going to be so mad… Ahem. Etc etc. So much for a coming back to work well rested; I ended up sleeping at 3 *sad face*


To better understand the last two panels, here’s the infamous “Calvin & Hobbes final strip“. Don’t fret- it’s obviously doctored. Rumor has it there’s a similar strip floating around the interwebz for Peanuts where Snoopy’s put down. Shrugs.

Also, you might’ve noticed that I used a regular ol’ pen for these Hourlies. As crappy as things were, I didn’t wanna push it with brush pens. I’m sorry this is all I’ve got to show… I honestly tried to make a ton of comics; I wanted to make up for my absence with a huge post. Pfft. flu pwns reg.

What Up, Weatherman?

I doodled this yesterday. Yesterday, when the rain wouldn’t let up, the winds went straight to your bones, and the windows were constantly smeared with rain and fog. That was YESTERDAY.


TODAY is a whole different story, and hell, climate for that matter. The sun’s out; the air’s dry. I look like a total fool sweating it out in my boots (thanks a LOT, global warming.) Ah well. The last thing we need is more rain, right? I just wish my nose would stop running, and that my throat didn’t taste like sick person so much- souvenirs of yesterday, no doubt. shrugs! At least it’s Friday!


I’ll be honest, I had my misgivings about spending Halloween at Boracay- far away from the trick or treating kiddies, parties and slutty costumes. Boy was I glad to have been proven wrong!

We had planned and booked it months ago, but then at the last minute,  a string of  roadblocks kept jumping in the way. One of which was “Santi”, the new tropical storm in town. He came, blowing brutal winds at 5 am, rattling windows and throwing off roofs. As 3na put it, it was like her house was possessed. Naturally our flight got canceled and we couldn’t get to the airport even if we wanted to. We didn’t dare.


So, there we were- packed with nowhere to go… Halloween was looking pretty lame. But then by 11 am, with the streets looking like a post-Milenyo/apocalyptic scene, the winds and whipping rain disappeared as suddenly as they came. The sun came out (finally); we sped off to the airport (another scene of total bedlam), and then waited 6 hours more at the terminal before finally flying off to vacationgodammit.


Cut to today: I’m back in the office and feeling somewhat split like the mananaggals I saw over the weekend. It’s as if I left my other half lounging on the beach front. Thinking back, this time yesterday I was slurping up a Jonah’s Peanut-Banana shake and taking in the sun. *cue long sigh* ah well. It’s still good to be home, I suppose. ‘Hope I’ll have the time to draw up some slutty mananaggals for all of you soon (No promises though! hyuk) A couple of deadlines fell on my lap, and these hastily colored doodles are all I have to show from the weekend. Ah well, here’s hoping. Cheers, dears!