fat ass stickers

I couldn’t decide what to say, really..

Harsh much? Well, that’s your judgment. These stickers were Inspired (and requested) by cranky pal Ping ala pet peeve #35773: people who are neither sickly nor handicapped, yet insist on inconveniencing others by riding the elevator up ONE FLOOR.

In the mean time, I’m sorry for being so absent here on cerealsaturdays. Please rest assured that projects are fervently in the works : ( Knives is really buggy. Am doing my best on my end; might resort to returning to the ol’ brush and bristol board at this rate. Happy friday, mates!

6 thoughts on “fat ass stickers

  1. oward bodie

    OH MY GOD THESE ARE HILARIOUS. The other thing I can’t stand are assholes who insist on running inside the elevator as soon as the doors open before ANYONE in the elevator can step off.

  2. Reg Post author

    😀 thanks! Glad you like ’em!

    There’s a special ring in hell for these types of petty assholes. Right beside “People who gossip and talk on their mobiles during a movie” and “Idiot drivers who don’t know how intersections work”

  3. Jer

    hahaha I love them! I want to stick them on elevator doors all sneaky-like, ala Banksy. 😀

  4. jaton

    hehe know that you’ve probably printed this already, but can’t help but share!

    for the girl one:
    “my big butt promised that it would take the stairs but”

    hey these look sad btw.
    for the guy one:
    “the stairs are one of the many things in my life, i’ve put off. also, i’m a fat ass.” hehe to myself

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