Cheese Louise!

Hi all! It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

I’m really sorry for all the blips. I just came back from the Subic Ad Congress and survived 3 days without any internet access or my sketchpad. Still, I must admit; it was a total BLAST. I’ve got a LOT to share, and a ton of stories to draw out… For starters, I met James Jean and got a heap of stuff signed (chortles). The poor man was SO jetlagged and cranky, and I was such a (an annoying) fan, I think I pissed him off… hurm.

ANYWAY, we’ll get to that eventually. I stress on the word “eventually” because unfortunately ladies and gents, a big, fat hairy deadline fell on my lap the second we arrived. It’s been a pretty miserable Monday,  so I’m kind of tight on time right now. It’s 8:09 and it looks like a long night ahead of us. The hours spent in this job are insane.

Either way, here’s a little story that came about after a certain conversation I had about delectable cheese.

(Note: Please ignore the successive exclamation marks; this was rushed and they weren’t deliberate.)




And now, a quick visit to the dictionary…

IMAGE0004Someone had better run and tell John Lloyd! (Thanks for the correction Peachy!)

3 thoughts on “Cheese Louise!

  1. Andy

    I was obsessed with Kraft cheese/cheese product as a kid. I used to dream of diving into vats of mac & cheese and swimming through the noodles with my mouth wide open. My brother and I used to plan Steal Kraft Single missions to the fridge because we were only allowed to have x amount of slices at a time… but we had to have them all.

    It takes a lot for me to call things weird and gross, but Reg, that is a really weird (and mildly gross) way of eating cheese.

    The comics are great. More chicks should write/draw about being gassy and having weird relationships to food and self-deprecating body dysmorphia, because that’s what being a chick is all about, not sugar and spice and everything nice. 🙂 Make a comic about getting gassy while falling asleep sitting down in the lib! Ahehe.

  2. Reg Post author

    Hey Andy!

    This comment comes as a great comfort at 5:30 in the morning. Doesn’t my job just suck? <:) Thank you! I totally agree with you on that note; being a girl isn't all polished Vogue and a hint of perfume at the temples. That's ONE very small part, but really a lot of it's armpit hair grief and huge appetites. I'd love to comick something that actually shows me off, but where's the comedic fun in that? Hell, I already come off as an overweight fart monkey and right now, I'm alright with that (huhu 🙂 "It takes a lot for me to call things weird and gross, but Reg, that is a really weird (and mildly gross) way of eating cheese." WOW. You're right; that is saying something. If YOU think this is weird and gross, than I wonder what others must be thinking. Haha! And yeah, I'd love to do a library blech comic. 😉 But right now, I gotta go home and slip into a peaceful coma. Thanks again luv!

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