Monthly Archives: May 2010

Just sharing :)

A couple of weeks ago, Giz and I collaborated on making some comics for his Dad, AC. Long story short, AC (or as others call him, “Judge”), is a rough bear of a man with a heart of gold. For the last decade, AC has spent the better part of his retirement helping out in his home town, Gingoog- a sleepy town 3 hours away from Cagayan de Oro.

This year AC decided to run for mayor, and to help voters understand him better, Giz and I made a comic for voters to quickly read through. I made a template that they could use, and left the spaces blank to be filled up…

Admittedly, with the blocks of text they needed to place, my original template was too liberal with space; they needed to move things around to get everything to fit. We also replaced my original drawing of AC with his picture since my own caricature didn’t seem to quite cut the mustard. This is the final copy out in print :)¬†Practicality makes it work though. I like it!

side note: I wasn’t the one who typed it all up; I TOTALLY DID NOT PICK COMIC SANS!