Monthly Archives: August 2010

SO… Hi.

Wow. FAIL. What’s it been? Nearly an entire MONTH without a single post? I am so, so sorry guys. : ( I wish I had a good enough reason for my absence here, but really it’s just been your garden variety inertia and quibbling with bratty art materials that used to cooperate. I will post something new again soon (SOON=THIS WEEK, DAMET.)

Disclaimer: This is how I feel about plain soy milk, but just a few hours after inking this, I had the pleasure of trying Silk <3 Apparently, flavored soy milk drinks are really quite lovely : ) Problem is they give me gas like a senior citizen with fickle guts and a hankering for beans. Although again, SILK really is delicious… too bad I can’t stand the regular stuff. Hee..

I’m sorry for the sudden hiatus. If you’re reading this, thanks for being so patient and for being so faithful. You rock, and I love you.

Just a thought.

I don’t mean to be a roaring feminist, really… but this idea just popped into my head this afternoon. This is largely attributed to the fact that just a few hours ago, my skin was a greenish grey tinge and smeared with the gooiest, most delicious home cooked blood ever. Seriously. All you needed was bread, a blindfold, and you would have gotten insta- dessert. (Pics to follow. Maybe. Belated Happy Happy, Ken!)

Anyway, my lust for brains was cut short later on today, when I stumbled upon this article.

What happened to this poor woman is atrocious, and it twists up my insides when I think about the maniacal cruelty certain countries practice in the name of religious justice. Places where mutilation as a form of judicial punishment is commonplace.

I think she’s still beautiful, despite what they did to her face… but I suppose it was that particular wound that struck a familiar chord in me, having inflicted the very same on my own comick’d zombie women (and men). I have drawn and quartered many a person with my zombie doodling, but I suppose it was seeing the same wounds on an actual victim that got me thinking and shook my cavalier approach to the grotesque from my imagination.

Now, I’m not claiming that the undead specifically target women; death and the “virus”  (mononegavirales- thanks google!) do not discriminate either gender. However, that being said, you’d have to agree though, that there IS a distinct popular preference for slutty zombie women as mindless, sex creeps you can shag and/or shoot.

All I’m saying is, that I don’t think I’ll ever look at a zombie skank the same way again. The same way I don’t think I’ll ever be able to casually maim my doodles, (whether their humanity is intact or not) the same way either.

Yes! Yes I can!

I’m cheating; I don’t own a tub.

I actually drew this little thing earlier today when I wasn’t feeling too hot… I had only slept a handful of hours and woke up promptly 3 hours after with bloodshot eyes. Ah, Such is life after having marathon’d US of Tara ’til the break of dawn @_@ God the series is just so riveting. It was so damn hard to break away from John Corbett’s Air Supply belting and Showtime’s general sexy raciness. Oh my loins.

Either way, the rest of the day only got better from then on 🙂 Fatigue aside, I had a pretty awesome day… It never fails to wind me whenever I hear genuine appreciation for my work here on CerealSat. It’s so wonderful. I only wish I could express just how grateful I am for my friends and unexpected readership. I’m all set with new goals and CONCRETE ones too. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now it’s time to slip into a peaceful coma. I love you guys; Good night world.