Monthly Archives: April 2010

With apologies to Mr. Abrera

I’m not schooled in all of Manix Abrera’s work, but after just buying his new book “12” (YOU SHOULD TOO!), in hindsight, certain bugs in this strip kind of resemble his own. Weh. My apologies.

Then again… draw a poop shape, add a couple of lines,  and you’ve basically got- tada! IPIS! Hum.  Anyway:

Buut, yes. For inexplicable reasons, my shower area is a bona fide roach graveyard. You know how some animals disappear from home to die? Well. The little jerks like to rendezvous at my shower during their last hours. This fact is particularly unpleasant, when you’re about to take a bath and just about as blind as can be. Yeesh.


Hots hots

Today was alright, all things considered. I swung over to Meng’s and I (sorta) helped her bake cookies while doing my best not to bake under the sun myself. It was some time in between the oven and the chocolate chips that Meng’s little nephew, Gabe kind of went bonkers:

I think the heat broke him. We have yet to see if the poor bugger’ll be all right. He was in the foulest of moods.

Aaand, here’s another little one I drew at Coffee Bean and Tea, while Meng and I were killing time before watching “Date Night”. (It was HILARIOUS by the by. Tina Fey is such a dish~)

Speaking of this summer getting everyone down:

Yes. You know the drill. (is a true story.)

You might have noticed that both these comics have a rougher feel to them. That’s what happens when you ink on oslo paper instead of bristol board. I cleaned it up as best as I could, but ah well. I suppose they’ll do.

El Nino, El Gringo

We all have our own ways of dealing with this ridiculous heat. Some of us take it graciously, while others (including myself).. not so much.

Last Friday, I took a trip to the LTO to finally, finally renew my license…

As I was saying… we all have different ways of dealing with the heat.

Side note to purists: Yes, yes I KNOW that Johnny Blaze only becomes Ghost Rider by night. I’m just playing around. : )

>> Reading bits of the Ghost Rider mythos on wikipedia 😉 turns out he can change at will! Hurm. My mistake. I honestly should read more of this… I mean, beyond that what my kuya and I used to read in the 90’s 🙂 Gizmo? That’s your cue. Hee.

Love Letters and Learning

HA! ‘Thought I was holding out and being a lazy ass all month long, didn’tcha? Well.. ok yes, that is *partly* true. But I also managed to complete this comic, which I confess, was more difficult that I thought it would be.

All that nostalgia doubled me up and turned me in sludge during the process, but at least, it’s finally finished! Without further ado, here’s my take of this April’s topic: “Roots”.

You rock, New Slang. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to take part!