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Don’t you just love Luchador masks? They’re so colorful and fierce (not Tyra Banks duh), but they’ve got this kitschy look about them too. I’d collect tons of the stinky, festive things if I could! And thusly:

Here’s a bunch of ridiculous his-and-hers I cooked up last night 🙂 I’ll admit; only the first one looks like a bona fide design. The red and green look like Mexican rodeo clowns and the purple is a tad too… purple. Hee. Either way, they were great practice and I figured, since buying them is highly unlikely, why not make my own collection here on CerealSat? Doot Doot… Maybe I just need more material to comick. Hmmm..

Query? Would any of you out there be interested in wearing these on a tee? Please to reply if you fancy 🙂 In the mean time- Muzak!

I’ve been… busy.

Hi low all! I know I’ve been delinquent over here at CerealSat, but things have just gotten a little busier lately. For starters, I set up an online shop selling clothes and whatnot (mostly clothes, perhaps the “whatnot” will come later. In the market for some girly wares? Stop by and give me your moneyz!)

A lot of the pain has been due to shipping and the other various nuances belonging to online consumerism. -_- It’s trickier than I thought! There’s pails of impulsiveness and trust involved; for my part, the bulk of it has been trying to look respectable and mask the stink of desperation. (Cue the crazy eyes @_@) Luckily, business has been picking up, so all my obsession hasn’t been for naught. Anything to make a quick buck, right? Heck, maybe I ought to start selling original art from over here. How would you guys feel about that? Any takers? (nervous giggle)

Anywho, I felt so guilty about neglecting CerealSats that I threw this together just a few hours ago (WHOO LOOKIT THE TIME). I also very hastily shaded it. So… yeah. Here:

To all of you out there who have been kind enough to purchase my wares, THANK YOU. Your cash will most probably be spent on alcohol in your company. Good night! I love you!

Hey all…

Yes, I know that the last entry was all about our grand Avilon Zoo adventure, but it was only after posting it that I realized that I had left out a couple of other bits from the trip. After all, it is a huge place.

I thought about letting it go and moving onto a new cerealsat story line, but ah well. What’s a couple of pages, right?

Bada-bing! Now I’m done.

For the Love of a Man

Hey folks! Here’s a comic about an Avilon Zoo trip Giz and I went on a couple of Saturdays ago. ‘Hope none of you are diabetic (I kid. It’s not THAT schmaltzy). Enjoy!

(Fun Facts: Their orangutan male is named “Joey” and their tiger is “Ruffa”!

Hehe… Wonder if her keeper’s an Annabelle)

Thusly, from now on, I resolve to do most of my lettering with a fancy computery font. *Is so proud, beams are shooting outta her butt*

Crude, Raw Lovin’

I did some digging and lookit what I found! My first ever comics diary, circa 2007! A lot of it’s really messy and really shameful, but what the cabbage, right?

Maybe I’ll scan a couple of pages when I grow the patience. Hee. But in the mean time, here’s one I found gathering dust in my hard drive: a poorly scanned doodle of shameless Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman McLovin’!

(I bet he is.)

For those who remember the movie, I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy it much, save for one or two scenes. I mean, visually it was great; even the concept of MEAT PIES had me. I think what ruined it (for me, anyway) was a lot of the high pitched, god awful singing that was going on. That little boy’s irritating singing haunts me to this day. Jeez Louise.

No complaints about Alan Rickman though; HE was dee-lightful!

And yet another awkward episode of-

Happens to the best of us.

The red bits were originally colored by hand, but since I haven’t figured out how to make the blacks richer without losing color, I’m somewhat at a loss. I ended up re-coloring the bits in PS. 😛 Tacky?

On another note, I’m certain most, if not all of you have already discovered ROBO-UNICORN-ATTACK. I didn’t give it much thought until last week… But MY SWEET MERCY, it’s addictive and shiny!

It’s got me mesmerized since; crashing into walls and dancing with crystalized dolphins to the eternal loop of Erasure. @_@

Quick Draw

Hi hi! Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been so out of the loop ever since Knives got buggy… Even more so after I accidentally comicked up a hellstorm due to a gross misunderstanding on New Slang contribution guidelines 😛 I won’t bore you with the details since, well… It’s quite embarrassing. (Although a precious few of you know what I speak of. hehehe.) But needless to say that in due time, I’ll be uploading a CRAPLOAD of pages, starring one Ria Redulla and her Heavy Metal past.

In the mean time, I tried to get back into the groove with some doodles. It was quite difficult actually.

Mikey, you will not believe how many tries I went through to get your face right.

And a little starter before this clip comic; I recently invested on a dress form 🙂 No, I won’t be going into dressmaking, but I will be opening up an online shop to sell clothes under consignment (i.e. as a fund raiser and not personal gain). ANYway, I found a great price for a fairly new dress form online and ordered it!

This little episode happened while I was carrying it to the baggage counter:

Regrettably, I messed up Mikey’s face at the punchline; I forgot to draw in the cheeks!