Don’t you just love Luchador masks? They’re so colorful and fierce (not Tyra Banks duh), but they’ve got this kitschy look about them too. I’d collect tons of the stinky, festive things if I could! And thusly:

Here’s a bunch of ridiculous his-and-hers I cooked up last night :) I’ll admit; only the first one looks like a bona fide design. The red and green look like Mexican rodeo clowns and the purple is a tad too… purple. Hee. Either way, they were great practice and I figured, since buying them is highly unlikely, why not make my own collection here on CerealSat? Doot Doot… Maybe I just need more material to comick. Hmmm..

Query? Would any of you out there be interested in wearing these on a tee? Please to reply if you fancy :) In the mean time- Muzak!

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