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I’m back. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My deepest apologies. *sad sad sad face*

Things have been incredibly topsy turvy as of late, and a lot has gone down. THAT, and I’ve been busy at work with pitches and deadlines zipping past like a death wish waiting to happen. It’s been a pretty nutso couple of days in the life.

On a lighter note, I promise I’ll make light of everything in due time and before we get to that, I thought I’d scan and share this comic… You see, last week, some spirit of consumerist zen and youthful limberness possessed me to sign up for yoga and pilates sessions at (the swanky) Bliss Yoga Center. It was TONS of fun (no sarcasm, I swearz) and I grabbed a lot of stories to comick from it- as I’m sure a few of you can imagine. “REG EXERTS PHYSICAL EFFORT” alone screams fun and play (in a sort of, you know.. self-centered kind of way.) This IS kind of an illustrated diary more than webcomic. Hopefully someday I’ll change that.

Anywho, without further ado:

This comic is actually a work in progress… “part II” will be uploaded as soon as I find another pocket of time to draw and ink it all out. Thanks folks!

So… I went to Geekfight.

It’s always a treat to hang out with such lovely brains and booze. You learn something, AND get drunk. To my dear friends and team, you guys rock <3

Of course, there’s always a price to pay for boozing with geeks til the early morning on a Monday night…

A disclaimer: I made this comic at ass o’clock in the morning- just before getting whisked away to present our creative concept for a baby milk project (-that’s right. baby. milk.) I apologize for the poor sense of narrative and jabbing one liners. Hope you like it all the same!

Plain and simple.

Man… I could use one of those gooey chocolatey babies right about now. With cold milk. ARG.

I’ve been meaning to talk a little more about the new year, and how I really feel about 2010. I was looking forward to opening Cereal Sat ’10 with a bang; but as you can all plainly see, I haven’t done anything of the sort. Why? I haven’t had the will or organization to do it, talk about it, or even decide just what I really WANT out of the year (in feasible terms of course).

I’m good at WANTING things, but not very skilled in setting out to get it. I mean, I’m still jonesing for a cookie, aren’t I?