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So… I’ve been playing around lately

Homage to Dune and the Princess Irulan (not my favorite character but still, her narration in Book One was key)

This is… Sexy Frog, Astro Boy and Cyborg Bettie Page. Bettie P. is Alice’s since this was the costume she’s dreamed of- conveniently placed screws and everything. Astro Boy is Marla’s, since I believe SHE is the only female capable of pulling it off without looking like a fem-bot ho-bag but still look really cute. Sexy Frog is Meng’s. Meng as in Melissa Bantegui; you might know her. I ask ed her what she would like to dress up as (if money and time were no object) and the lady could not give me a straight answer, even after 6 hours. Meng, YOU are sexy frog.

Weather’s got me sick…

And lastly: Happy Happy Halloween! HellYES, I know I’m early. What can I say? I lovelovelove this holiday. And this would be my costume of choice.. (Well.. Dr. Girlfriend if I’m feeling skinny and kick ass fab, but I like the comfort of pudgey henchman 21 : ) Nomz.

Hey! Wow, what happened?

Hey loves! Wow, October is just about ending and I have yet another inexplicable lacking o’er here on CerealSat. I’m beginning to see a pattern. Meh.

Well, rest assured that I haven’t been sitting on my gooey butt.  I’ve been working, churning and desperately trying to catch up to deadlines =_= This whole week as been like a mad sprint of emails, and yet I’m still behind. At least I’ve completed my more immediate promises, but I can still think of about 3 people I owe work. Sigh. To all of you out there who are expecting work from me and are waiting so patiently, THANK YOU for not chasing me with the guilt stick. (Hey Irene :|) Although, yeah… you have my permission to hit me up every now in then for a healthy guilt jig and reminder. Smiles.

In other news, comics and day job aren’t they only obligations wringing me tight these days.  I was actually reliving my High School literature classes last night, reviewing my younger brother Tony for his exams today. (@_@ I hope the bugger does well.) We worked till about midnight and I was high on excessive caffiene and the joy that comes from discussing short stories. By the time we finished, my head was full and chest heavy with all sorts of thoughts. Like  all the crap zooming beyond my control and the anxieties of what I want versus what I HAVE. What I can will and what IS. Unable to sleep, I stayed up drawing and inking this comic. It’s just one page and not anything fantastic, but I stayed up till 5ish in the morning,  coaxing our stubborn scanner while it was still gloomy out. I shivered, and it was around this time in the wee hours that I’ve finally decided: I’m going back to school goddamet. Through hell or high water.

Let’s do this, shit.BAM.

Hi darlings!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, rest assured that I’ve been anything BUT lazy these last couple of days. I’ve got a new comic out! I should mention that I managed to pull it off in 2 DAYS.


But of course, credit must be dished where it’s due. Many, many thanks to Karen for printing the master copy, and staying with me for her entire Friday lunch break to fold and staple the copies together! You’re a Godsend, luv! On that note, stay tuned for news on this talented girl’s book launch later this year! “Naermyth” is hitting the shelves in a bookstore near you! (Exciting, ne?)

A little bit about this 10 page photo finish of mine: it was actually a comic I did to sort out my thoughts for last Saturday’s New Slang – Grade School for Yuppies talk. The topic was “Metrophilia” , and since the evening centered around spaces and the mapping of one’s heart, I felt it was apt to make a comic about the many times I’ve moved homes, and the discovery of my absolute favorite one- circa ’92 Singapore. Here’s a page to whet your appetite:

I’m quite proud of it… even if I ended up on settling for a quick and dirty ramble about the landscapes of Miyazaki movies over our address at Shelford Road, Singapore. The comic helped me get my ideas together, and by the 10th page, pointed out exactly what I wanted to share. I might have only sold this on the side, but all in all, I think I did okay. Sure, I was nervous out of my gourd but I had a BLAST. Thanks for the opportunity guys. (Guys = Alice, Marla, and Jaton) Thanks for pushing me to do it and shushing my stage fright by believing in me. <3 Gizmo and Meng too; your pep talks, hugs and kisses felt like warm blankets of reassurance <3 <3  Hell, while I’m at it, I’d also like to give a huge THANKYOU to all the darlings who bought a copy of “Feelings Called Home” last Saturday! You all rock. I got my drink on good that night. hehheh…

Now dear reader, are YOU interested in owning a copy? I’m selling it for P20, so leave a comment, text, tweet, or message me if you are.