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Part ONE

So, here’s part one (obviously), of how “I Met (or kind of pissed off) James Jean”. To all you grammar Nazis out there, I humbly apologize if I flutter from past to present tense without warning… I’ve yet to master the narrative. Come to think of it, I kind of do it all on the fly. Anywho, without further ado:


Will Reg’s love be dashed?? Is James Jean truly a douche??

Stay tuned for Part Two in this all too brief tale of disappointment and angst!

Cheese Louise!

Hi all! It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

I’m really sorry for all the blips. I just came back from the Subic Ad Congress and survived 3 days without any internet access or my sketchpad. Still, I must admit; it was a total BLAST. I’ve got a LOT to share, and a ton of stories to draw out… For starters, I met James Jean and got a heap of stuff signed (chortles). The poor man was SO jetlagged and cranky, and I was such a (an annoying) fan, I think I pissed him off… hurm.

ANYWAY, we’ll get to that eventually. I stress on the word “eventually” because unfortunately ladies and gents, a big, fat hairy deadline fell on my lap the second we arrived. It’s been a pretty miserable Monday,  so I’m kind of tight on time right now. It’s 8:09 and it looks like a long night ahead of us. The hours spent in this job are insane.

Either way, here’s a little story that came about after a certain conversation I had about delectable cheese.

(Note: Please ignore the successive exclamation marks; this was rushed and they weren’t deliberate.)




And now, a quick visit to the dictionary…

IMAGE0004Someone had better run and tell John Lloyd! (Thanks for the correction Peachy!)

The AFTER picture

Okay… so, over lunch we were all looking at old office photos…


I know what you’re all thinking. Yes yes Reg we GET IT, YOU’RE FAT AND PEOPLE LIKE TELLING IT TO YOUR FACE. CAN’T YOU COMICK SOMETHING ELSE? At this rate, I ought to make a “Reg is a Hoagy” tag.

Believe you me folks, I’ve pretty sick of it too. Mainly because it hurts my feelings (huhuhu), but also because something genuinely fun AND funny would be nice too. I just find it so hard to let go of the material hehe… a lot of it’s comedic gold to me! I do love laughing at myself- that is, after the crying in the bathroom. (I kid).

But man, self-deprecation aside, I really do have to get back in shape. I’m a stiff fatty and I miss the days when touching my toes wasn’t such a production. As Homer S. would put it- “From now on, exercise!” (commence belly twists atop a weighing scale)

On the side, I’ve been having some trouble inking as of late… a series of off days has got me depressed and all. Le sigh. It’s been hard getting back on the horse. Hopefully I’ll scan something new before the day’s over. For now, I’ve got work to finish. Later loves!

My Apologies

It’s been a rough week so far… lots of deadlines and lost sleep. That, and I haven’t had a chance to pick up a new brush pen. Inking’s been a pain. I’m really sorry for missing the last couple of days… I’ll make it up eventually, I swearz it. And to start, here’s a short blot- my little way of telling you all that yes, I’m still alive and. flatulent.



Hi all! I’m coping out of my usual comicking shenanigans and sharing this invite instead. Art’s art innit? hehe…

I made it a few days ago for my dear friend Jen Blonde’s baby shower. I would’ve shared it earlier, but since we’re ambushing her, I didn’t wanna risk spoiling the surprise. Did I mention that it’s theme’d Lisa Frank? WOOT. Keep the mocktails flowing!

IMAGE0006And as an added bonus, here’s a scanned picture of yours truly… crapping my pants. Yeeep.

Ad Nauseum

I wanted to draw you all a picture of the kick ass ham and cheese croissant I had for breakfast. Unfortunately I promptly hurled it into the toilet after taking my entire inventory of antibiotics. (Sorry. ‘Hope you’ve all eaten.) Sigh.

SO. Instead, here’s a redrawn picture I salvaged from a Pancake House place mat:

IMAGE0002She was supposed to be floating on her belly, but I opted for a slanted stand instead. You all might be wondering, What is the significance of this chubby, naked lady? Nothing at all, friends. I drew her with a ball point while waiting for my Pan Chicken to arrive.

Gog. What a miserable morning. ‘Can’t wait to head home.