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Pitch Season

I haven’t had much time to doodle as of late… work and all. I slept at 3 last night and showed up at the office at 7. Such is advertising- the bitch. sigh– so here’s an indulgent little tidbit I did over lunch. I warn you; it’s not perfect:


Heh.. Eng Lit fail. It ought to read: “My shoulders get clipped snugly under their armpits.”

Or hell, just plain “SMOOSH.”

I am sorry. I should pay more attention… all of it’s true though. Honestly, I’ve gone to work bright and early in the morning with my shoulders smelling like Rexona and Old Spice. (Sosi ampota! hehe) All you shawtehs out there know what I’m talking about. Holla! Or hell, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Gog I need sleep.

Young lady, WHERE have you been?

I’ve been running late for my deadlines here at CerealSat, but please to forgive me plis. PIGMA pen and I broke up just yesterday. If you’re a regular here, you’d be well informed of my whining over the fiber tip of this backstabbing pen. The tip’s been fraying more and more, and I’ve been trying to compensate. But yesterday- things just got SO BAD; I repeated the same page 4 times! I was so fed up; finally, we decided to part ways.

All in all, I suppose putting it away is for the best- details were suffering… And yet *choke* it’ll be so hard going back to the way things were. (cue My Fair Lady “I’ve grown accustomed to her face“) As messed up as things were at week 2, the first couple of panels I spent with this PIGMA pen were heaven. What was a girl to do?

Well. This is what I did: I went out and bought a second. @_@

It was wonderful. It felt so GOOD to hear the crisp scratch of a sharp tip again. It’s like a familiar and comfortingly irritating shriek of Hallelujah. (Know what I mean?)

So yes, I foresee the makings of a vicious cycle here, and I haven’t got the money to keep this up. I’ve got to find a more permanent replacement for this pen tip problem… I can’t keep buying these pens! Not when they’re only good for a week’s worth of inking! *river*

In the mean time, here’s a short comic I did based on a short exchange I had with Jam over #6 of “The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English“. I hope you enjoy. It cost P49.00.


Mofo loved the sauce.

Second Try

I couldn’t resist; I had to try again. Golly, shading’s a lot harder when you start getting serious about it! When you don’t really care, you can just go nuts and color whatever fold or convenient looking corner … But when you start getting realistic about things that’s when you realize how awful it can look. And those inks are expensive!

Bleh. Remember grade school art class? There’d always be recurring lessons on shading in circles. I wish they trained us to shade in more… unusual shapes.

Anyhow, I looked up the artist, David Choe (pronounced like chew-eh). He’s a god!!

She Calls Them “Sardines”

It looks nice enough I guess… but to all of you who know better: I know, I know. The shading’s all over the place and extremely self-indulgent. I’ll be better, I promise! Sigh. What can I say? I haz marker fever.. hehe.


These two here are based on one of my friend Tami’s MANY little creatures. Check out the real thing: here.

Gogdamet. I’d start collecting toys too if it wasn’t so goram expensive. Starting now feels like opening pandora’s box of obsession- and lemme tell you, I haven’t got the extra cash to burn.

With More Love…

I salvaged my first attempt at the Brothers Bloom and I have to admit, I’m a lot more pleased with this turn out. Of course, my trusty .4 pen gets the credit for the details.

And here’s a whack at Bang Bang <3 (I crush her so hard)… She didn’t turn out QUITE as well as I would’ve liked through. Ah well. We’ll try again some other time, yes? You be the judge: Bang Bang

She looks like an evil munchkin.

Game On!

This is actually overdue… I’ve been putting it off since I couldn’t reconcile how it was turning out :/ Finally I decided, screw it. I’ll never get shit done at the rate I do-over every blot.

It’s a (sloppily inked) comic about Saturday Game Night with the lawyers and a couple of new faces- who I effectively lost money to, after 2 poker matches huhu. I’m so glad we met up! It feels like forever since we’ve had a steady schedule for cards and Catan.

A couple of epically long poker games, a round of Settlers and 2 quick draws of Bang! later, we packed up and called it a night around 3 am. Good times.

Here’s the convo Giz and I had on the way home:


Heeh… I’m such a sucker for a well-played compliment (teehee). Most especially since I’ve been fighting the bloat. I mean, have YOU ever been complimented in Chinese?!  Perhaps. But the only other time it’s ever happened to me was a month ago; when Shanghai vendors wanted my money.

Points if you can place where “Mecha Shiva” came from.

Wobbly Hands

Today wasn’t a very good day, as far as inking and drawing went. It was a bumpy ride, with lots of do-overs and hair pulling. It’s been day 4 since my doodling has started acting up. Nothing has been turning out the way I want, and I’m tired of mucking around all over the place. Tch. Finally, I caved and decided to use a pen again just to warm up a little.

So folks, after much drama- here’s my tribute to the glorious movie I had every pleasure viewing last night. IT WAS SO, SO, SO GOOD. Crap, something on my top 5’s gotta give just to make room.