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Hi guys…

Well this week’s been busier than usual. On the bright side, my day job’s been charging me to illustrate pages for the company video, and I’m not complaining. (tee hee) Problem is I haven’t had as much time to doodle my own stuff, and I’m being watched more closely than evar. Biscuits.

That’s when I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask for a little help from you guys : ) I’d like to illustrate tweets this week: simple, easy, 140 characters or less sentences. Comment below or pop an email my way, and I’ll illustrate your tweet of choice for you! Game? Let’s do this!

Just a couple of hours

I actually drew and inked these last Monday, (in a Burger King, no less!)

Oh yes, before anything, disclaimer alert:

Since Knives, my laptop got buggy and went to the shop, I haven’t been able to properly clean up my CerealSat work. Normally, “cleaning up” wouldn’t be that big a deal, since cropping was all I ever needed to do back in the day. However, now that I’m using other scanners (belonging to my mom’s office and Giz), I unfortunately don’t know how to automatically get the contrast level I’m used to… Thus all the gray and dullness. Ugh. I know, it’s horrid; I apologize for all the gray and all the dullness.


A peep to break the quiet

Hi all. I’m so sorry I dropped off the face of the earth- I should have at least mentioned that the CerealSat scanner I use belongs to the OFFICE… (sheepish chuckle)

Though, scanner excuses aside, I must admit I have been anything BUT productive this holiday. As soon as the break began, December just sucked me into a vortex of Christmasy shopping and turkey stuffing…

I’m still reeling.

For starters, I’m still trying to explain to my pudding belly why I’m not wearing my pj’s, not slumped in my sleepy kitchen, and not nibbling on queso de bola. Sigh. Happy New Year one and all. I know it may not show, but if you’re reading this, I love you. <3

She Calls Them “Sardines”

It looks nice enough I guess… but to all of you who know better: I know, I know. The shading’s all over the place and extremely self-indulgent. I’ll be better, I promise! Sigh. What can I say? I haz marker fever.. hehe.


These two here are based on one of my friend Tami’s MANY little creatures. Check out the real thing: here.

Gogdamet. I’d start collecting toys too if it wasn’t so goram expensive. Starting now feels like opening pandora’s box of obsession- and lemme tell you, I haven’t got the extra cash to burn.

People Watching

Lately I’ve been going to Gofluent and visiting Gizmo after work hours. Well, it’s not really visiting him- per se, since non-employees are no longer allowed to frolic inside the actual office. (hur hur…No more free coffee for me)

I’ve been hanging outside in the lounge to draw until he gets out at 11:00.

It’s been alright, apart from the cold. At least I’m left alone with my tunes and sketchpad. Although, last night I couldn’t pull any comics out (ta my ass heh), so I decided to practice with my now infamous Pigma pen instead. I people watched, which is really, another way of saying I stared at strangers and rudely tried to draw their facial contortions. hehe.

Unfortunately, people don’t stay as still as I’d like; just like their faces never stay seized up (chewing, sneezing, yawning, etc.) for very long. But here’s what came of it:

And here’s a drawing I did a few nights back, a couple of days after Typhoon Ondoy shredded Manila:

There’s actually a story in there- somewhere, but I haven’t gotten around to telling it properly. I’ve actually started; I laid it out and began inking it last night. Unfortunately, I also decided that it was total shit so I’m starting again. -_- I’ll get it done once I find my inking bearings.