10 thoughts on “Back Knots!

  1. Love,Karlita

    Dearest Reg,
    I do love this story… just cracks me up. All things considered, that actually might have been the most enlightening escalator ride ever. Someone names your stigma (you a bitch) and someone gives you advice (you should smile more). What a break through in psycho- analysis! Public Harassment for clinical- mental advancements.

    Let’s hang out again soon and hopefully exchange more stories for shits and giggles. 🙂


  2. Reg Post author

    Hey Karla!
    I didn’t realize this was you until I checked out your blog (It’s such a beautiful piece of art, by the by. Everything is so well thought out and colorful! 🙂

    haha! That’s one way of viewing the experience. Yes! Let’s grab beers again soon ^^ That was such a fun evening.

  3. Reg Post author

    @Pinoyartista – I’ve nearly a year late in reply, but your pun made me hyuk 😉

    @Kaden Brackett – I love you too! Platonically, but not unlike the philosopher either.

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