Monthly Archives: September 2010

Down, but not out

Hercules, Gizmo’s 10 month old St. Bernard has got it pretty rough at the moment. The poor baby went through some major surgery last week, and lost his nuts and his mutant toes. Wah 🙁

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Hercules before, this pup-pup was born with 2 extra toes on each of his hind paws… They stuck out like raptor talons and added extra pain whenever he obliviously wandered onto your foot. Problem was, as much as we all loved his mutant bits, the vet recommended having them amputated, since most dogs born with extra toes are prone to breaking them. They’re wont to snag on things and cause major discomfort, he said – not to mention expensive medical bills that are sure to sky rocket given that Herc is the size of a little horse.

It’s pretty depressing news, but don’t feel too bad for him. His siblings, Scout and Yoda are fixed too (coincidentally a year ago to the day Herc has his operation), and they’re all coping all right. Not to mention that Herc has been pretty doped up and is riding a happy pill high… As always, he whines and cries like the big baby he is, but other than that, he’s still got his mojo 🙂

Feel Good Inc.

Friday. Thank Christ. Since I’ve had a hate-on, or also known as a “boner of anger” (Thanks Erika Moen! Your genius is truly inspirational.) for most of this asstastic week,  last night I was inspired to do some light brush work on the really good things. The exercise helped, and I felt exceptionally better this morning. Then again, it just might be the relief that the weekend is finally, finally upon us. Yay.

“Item 5: An unexpected boogie”, actually happened. You know that the good Lord wants you to break it down righteously when Bowie comes on over the elevator in this country of looping Venga Boys and Ocho-Ocho girlies. Woot.