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Feelings Called Home

Hey guys! Here’s a little Christmas gift from me to you… This is the online version of my last printed zine “Feelings Called Home”. I initially intended for this comic to be purely sold (P20 a copy), but I decided to leave it up for online readers too :o) I hope you like it- (please just ignore the grammatical errors. :P)


Enjoyed that? I hope you did! If you read this and STILL want a hard copy of the zine, just leave me a message and let’s work a meet-up out, ok? : )


Hi darlings!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, rest assured that I’ve been anything BUT lazy these last couple of days. I’ve got a new comic out! I should mention that I managed to pull it off in 2 DAYS.


But of course, credit must be dished where it’s due. Many, many thanks to Karen for printing the master copy, and staying with me for her entire Friday lunch break to fold and staple the copies together! You’re a Godsend, luv! On that note, stay tuned for news on this talented girl’s book launch later this year! “Naermyth” is hitting the shelves in a bookstore near you! (Exciting, ne?)

A little bit about this 10 page photo finish of mine: it was actually a comic I did to sort out my thoughts for last Saturday’s New Slang – Grade School for Yuppies talk. The topic was “Metrophilia” , and since the evening centered around spaces and the mapping of one’s heart, I felt it was apt to make a comic about the many times I’ve moved homes, and the discovery of my absolute favorite one- circa ’92 Singapore. Here’s a page to whet your appetite:

I’m quite proud of it… even if I ended up on settling for a quick and dirty ramble about the landscapes of Miyazaki movies over our address at Shelford Road, Singapore. The comic helped me get my ideas together, and by the 10th page, pointed out exactly what I wanted to share. I might have only sold this on the side, but all in all, I think I did okay. Sure, I was nervous out of my gourd but I had a BLAST. Thanks for the opportunity guys. (Guys = Alice, Marla, and Jaton) Thanks for pushing me to do it and shushing my stage fright by believing in me. <3 Gizmo and Meng too; your pep talks, hugs and kisses felt like warm blankets of reassurance <3 <3  Hell, while I’m at it, I’d also like to give a huge THANKYOU to all the darlings who bought a copy of “Feelings Called Home” last Saturday! You all rock. I got my drink on good that night. hehheh…

Now dear reader, are YOU interested in owning a copy? I’m selling it for P20, so leave a comment, text, tweet, or message me if you are.


I had no idea…

Lately, I haven’t been drawing out any new comics to share, but I have been illustrating little bits here and there as commission work… Who would’ve thought that drawing raging, violent bastards could be so much fun?! I mean, I don’t think I’ve been more pensive than usual lately, but I had no idea doodling a brawl could be so rewarding! (Thank you for the opportunity, Joel!)

To read more, and listen to Joel Darwin’s kick ass sad and angry bastard mix tape, click here (hard!)


Hey again guys :) I’ve got a comic in the works, and if all goes well, it’ll come out in next month’s Uno Magazine :) Naturally, I can’t share it here ’til it sees print, (IF it sees print), but I figured a little teaser couldn’t hurt. I suppose this is a cop-out post isn’t it? ‘Especially since I haven’t got any new comics to post just yet.I guess this is just my passive way of showing folks that contrary to certain grown-ups’ opinions, I certainly HAVE NOT been sitting on my ass all day, damnit!

Well. Ok, I DO literally sit on my ass all day, but only because I’m wide awake droaring, droaring, droaring.