Hey again guys :) I’ve got a comic in the works, and if all goes well, it’ll come out in next month’s Uno Magazine :) Naturally, I can’t share it here ’til it sees print, (IF it sees print), but I figured a little teaser couldn’t hurt. I suppose this is a cop-out post isn’t it? ‘Especially since I haven’t got any new comics to post just yet.I guess this is just my passive way of showing folks that contrary to certain grown-ups’ opinions, I certainly HAVE NOT been sitting on my ass all day, damnit!

Well. Ok, I DO literally sit on my ass all day, but only because I’m wide awake droaring, droaring, droaring.

One thought on “DOOT DOOT

  1. Migs

    It may be a tad premature, but congrats! Lemme know when the issue’s out so I can buy a copy. :)

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