As I write this, I’ve realized that I’ve had far too much to drink today, having begun my healthy consumption of spirits as early as early as noon. Good company, two kick ass poker games, lots of love, and a hell of a lot more booze later, I’m hunched over Knives my laptop, trying to sound more than just lucid. I am trying to be a drunk AND charming mofo. So let me begin this ramble again:

Hey all (smiley : ) Today was eventful; today I had 30 copies of a recent comic “Clean Up” printed and photocopied, like so…


Then armpits sweaty, Gizmodo and I trooped to FullyBooked during their ‘free comic book day” frenzy and I went about to distribute my wares. It was an… insightful exercise.¬†Either way, I’ll be going back to reprint a second batch of “Clean Up” soon. Drop a comment, a text, or a tweet if you’d like a copy of your very own! I’ll be posting the entire thing here, eventually…

But in the mean time… in the pursuit of a dream, for the love of comics and all things free, just drop me a note if you’d like a copy to call your own. Now, it’s time to sleep. Good night my darlings.

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  1. Tara

    Hi Reg! Pao gave me his copy of Clean-Up! He wanted me to tell you cos he’s gonna ask for another copy and he didn’t want you to think he was hoarding your stuff :) Love it, by the way!

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