Crude, Raw Lovin’

I did some digging and lookit what I found! My first ever comics diary, circa 2007! A lot of it’s really messy and really shameful, but what the cabbage, right?

Maybe I’ll scan a couple of pages when I grow the patience. Hee. But in the mean time, here’s one I found gathering dust in my hard drive: a poorly scanned doodle of shameless Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman McLovin’!

(I bet he is.)

For those who remember the movie, I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy it much, save for one or two scenes. I mean, visually it was great; even the concept of MEAT PIES had me. I think what ruined it (for me, anyway) was a lot of the high pitched, god awful singing that was going on. That little boy’s irritating singing haunts me to this day. Jeez Louise.

No complaints about Alan Rickman though; HE was dee-lightful!

2 thoughts on “Crude, Raw Lovin’

  1. DOBLE

    In the original musical version, the singing boy AND the singing girl are composed in a way to make them VERY ANNOYING. They’re singing in operata, all nearly indecipherable falsetto and melodramatic poop. It was supposed to make you kind of hate them for being so in love and clueless when there was all this real drama and tragedy going on around them. It was a tool the composer used to make sure you had absolutely no misconceptions about who the real “hero” of the show was. So yeah, if they kind of ruined your mood whenever they came on, they did their job well.

  2. Reg Post author

    Good to know that was the intention, and now that you put it that way, it *does* make sense.

    When you think about it though, paying professional singers to purposefully BE annoying sounds ridiculous.

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