For the Love of a Man

Hey folks! Here’s a comic about an Avilon Zoo trip Giz and I went on a couple of Saturdays ago. ‘Hope none of you are diabetic (I kid. It’s not THAT schmaltzy). Enjoy!

(Fun Facts: Their orangutan male is named “Joey” and their tiger is “Ruffa”!

Hehe… Wonder if her keeper’s an Annabelle)

Thusly, from now on, I resolve to do most of my lettering with a fancy computery font. *Is so proud, beams are shooting outta her butt*

8 thoughts on “For the Love of a Man

  1. Chi

    LOL! I got super excited with the ducks too!!! Aren’t zoos amazingggg? It was the first time I ever got to hold a snake. And I love the big cats best! And that HUGE fish at the entrance!!

  2. Reg Post author

    I LOVE ZOOS TOO! Haha! At the entrance? You mean, around the pavilion? 😀 We were told that’s were some man-eating fish were, but we didn’t see any lurking around the water that day. (aw!)

    You should see the Singapore Zoo! If you ever do get to fly there, don’t forget to visit that zoo!!

  3. Bri-Bantillionz

    I loved the zoo too!! I’m going to Sea World this weekend and going to San Diego Zoo as well. People say a lot of bad things about zoo’s but it is because of zoo’s when I was little I was able to appreciate all animals in general basically. LOVE THE CARTOON REG!!! =0

  4. Reg Post author

    LOVE YOU BRI!! Hahaha! WE should all go to the zoo together! It would be so much fun! We’d be learning, making fun of the animals, and singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight ALL the time!

    No? Oh, just me then. Hehehe!

    Thanks fer making my morning, luv!

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