I’ve been… busy.

Hi low all! I know I’ve been delinquent over here at CerealSat, but things have just gotten a little busier lately. For starters, I set up an online shop selling clothes and whatnot (mostly clothes, perhaps the “whatnot” will come later. In the market for some girly wares? Stop by and give me your moneyz!)

A lot of the pain has been due to shipping and the other various nuances belonging to online consumerism. -_- It’s trickier than I thought! There’s pails of impulsiveness and trust involved; for my part, the bulk of it has been trying to look respectable and mask the stink of desperation. (Cue the crazy eyes @_@) Luckily, business has been picking up, so all my obsession hasn’t been for naught. Anything to make a quick buck, right? Heck, maybe I ought to start selling original art from over here. How would you guys feel about that? Any takers? (nervous giggle)

Anywho, I felt so guilty about neglecting CerealSats that I threw this together just a few hours ago (WHOO LOOKIT THE TIME). I also very hastily shaded it. So… yeah. Here:

To all of you out there who have been kind enough to purchase my wares, THANK YOU. Your cash will most probably be spent on alcohol in your company. Good night! I love you!

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