Quick Draw

Hi hi! Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been so out of the loop ever since Knives got buggy… Even more so after I accidentally comicked up a hellstorm due to a gross misunderstanding on New Slang contribution guidelines 😛 I won’t bore you with the details since, well… It’s quite embarrassing. (Although a precious few of you know what I speak of. hehehe.) But needless to say that in due time, I’ll be uploading a CRAPLOAD of pages, starring one Ria Redulla and her Heavy Metal past.

In the mean time, I tried to get back into the groove with some doodles. It was quite difficult actually.

Mikey, you will not believe how many tries I went through to get your face right.

And a little starter before this clip comic; I recently invested on a dress form :) No, I won’t be going into dressmaking, but I will be opening up an online shop to sell clothes under consignment (i.e. as a fund raiser and not personal gain). ANYway, I found a great price for a fairly new dress form online and ordered it!

This little episode happened while I was carrying it to the baggage counter:

Regrettably, I messed up Mikey’s face at the punchline; I forgot to draw in the cheeks!

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