SO… Hi.

Wow. FAIL. What’s it been? Nearly an entire MONTH without a single post? I am so, so sorry guys. : ( I wish I had a good enough reason for my absence here, but really it’s just been your garden variety inertia and quibbling with bratty art materials that used to cooperate. I will post something new again soon (SOON=THIS WEEK, DAMET.)

Disclaimer: This is how I feel about plain soy milk, but just a few hours after inking this, I had the pleasure of trying Silk <3 Apparently, flavored soy milk drinks are really quite lovely : ) Problem is they give me gas like a senior citizen with fickle guts and a hankering for beans. Although again, SILK really is delicious… too bad I can’t stand the regular stuff. Hee..

I’m sorry for the sudden hiatus. If you’re reading this, thanks for being so patient and for being so faithful. You rock, and I love you.

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