Yes! Yes I can!

I’m cheating; I don’t own a tub.

I actually drew this little thing earlier today when I wasn’t feeling too hot… I had only slept a handful of hours and woke up promptly 3 hours after with bloodshot eyes. Ah, Such is life after having marathon’d US of Tara ’til the break of dawn @_@ God the series is just so riveting. It was so damn hard to break away from John Corbett’s Air Supply belting and Showtime’s general sexy raciness. Oh my loins.

Either way, the rest of the day only got better from then on :) Fatigue aside, I had a pretty awesome day… It never fails to wind me whenever I hear genuine appreciation for my work here on CerealSat. It’s so wonderful. I only wish I could express just how grateful I am for my friends and unexpected readership. I’m all set with new goals and CONCRETE ones too. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now it’s time to slip into a peaceful coma. I love you guys; Good night world.

2 thoughts on “Yes! Yes I can!

  1. Reg Post author

    I KNOOOW. I loved all the quirk in this season too! ‘Feel kind of bad that I finished all 12 episodes in one go though : (

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