I suffered from a terrible case of “I don’t care, fuck you” yesterday and I think it shows in this comic…

This was the quickest, most rash comic I’ve ever done- but a head full of worries and shitty thoughts can do that to you.

Many thanks to Marla, Alice, JR and co for redeeming the afternoon and angry-dirty-pleasant evening :)

2 thoughts on “Yesterday:

  1. Ducky

    Did a Coffee bean employee say that to you verbatim??? I’d be offended!

    I had a fax nightmare the other day too. I asked for a fax tone so many times that the people I was faxing exasperatedly told me to just email it to them.

  2. Reg Post author

    He did! He totally did! I just didn’t know how to react… Didn’t have the energy for a comeback.

    As for the fax machine, it’s embarrassing but I had to call 3 people before getting it to work =_= Didn’t go to college for nothing.

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