Guess what! Free Comic Book Day was last May 1 and as of 44 minutes ago, it is now May 15!  WHOA!

Well diddle me britches, so what if I’m late? *ahem* Extremely late?

The truth is that I thought the whole of MAY was “international comics month” or something… (Now wouldn’t that be nice?) I thought I had the entire 30 days to dish my comic out. Boo was I wrong. Oh well, better late than never right? It’s the thought that counts.

Either way, right now I’m currently trying to lay it all out, (a process that proving to take much longer than I expected. Screw you InDesign! I’ll show YOU cutcopypaste! *shakes fist* ) Hopefully I’ll have freshly printed copies out by tomorrow. Huzzah!

The thing is, I’m only printing about say… 20 total. The last thing I want to do is overprint, end up with a stack and an empty wallet. So just in case I don’t bump into you in the next 3 days or so, give me a buzz over text or comment below if you want free comics! From me!

Lastly, did I mention that our scanner’s acting up? (ohnoes!) While I ponder this situation, I figured I should share a doodle that never made it to CerealSat:

Circa ’09 NomNomNom

Good night!

7 thoughts on “HEY YOU!

  1. Reg Post author

    Really?? Huh. Maybe I did post it here. :)

    Thanks! I was so sick of the old one. This lay-out’s temporary too though. I’d like a customized CerealSat one day :3

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