Alrighty then. I’ve got 2 copies of “clean-up” left, and they’re reserved for one: Migs Marfori and another Zig Marasigan. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be seeing either of you soon, but I’ll just hang onto these til I do : )

In the mean time… I think it’s time I posted it here; the month of May is over, after all. Without further ado:

Side note: Lots of people have commented on how huge my room looks here. Truthfully, it’s not. See all those white spaces? Those don’t really exist. I just added them so that the inking wouldn’t be as sloppy.

Plus points if you can guess the book.

(The End.) Then Segue:
The End-End.

One thought on “So.

  1. Migs

    Hahaha! If I could go back in time, I’d probably bitch-slap din my 15 year-old self. :)

    See you soon, Reg!

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