Whoo! Boobs on a Monday

I know I promised this Sunday (or my name is Mud, which it is, apparently) but our internet crashed some time around midnight and I was unable to upload the new goods :( Either way, I’m here now and I promise-promise that I’ll try harder to be more consistent with uploads- new schedule and hours be damned.

In other news, it’s Monday and we’re out of coffee. I’m drinking the instant kind that tastes like over sweetened, bitter crap, and I’m feeling downright murderous. Ah well, at least the floor’s quiet. ‘Morning all! See you soon.

Cue music!

2 thoughts on “Whoo! Boobs on a Monday

  1. anina

    oh reg. i so know what you mean and how you feel.

    i deal with open flies on a regular basis, especially when am feeling extra bitchy.

  2. Reg Post author

    I wish I had some one to teach me how to be a proper lady : ( Like how to look polished and how to just GLIDE. When I walk, I trudge and sweat… all the more so when I’m upset.

    I mean, Giz has better table manners than I do, for Christsake.

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