I love you, baby, but no.

Last Friday, Giz got himself a hair cut…

Yaya Nonette, God bless her cranky soul, is Gizmo’s old yaya. She’s efficient, sharp as a whip, and she loves The Sangco dogs so much, I’m willing to bet she loves ’em more than people. Also, as you can see here, she tells it like it is with little remorse.  I love her. hehehe

2 thoughts on “I love you, baby, but no.

  1. Reg Post author

    He looks like what Yaya Nonette said: Like he’s getting the chair =_=

    Yay for Anna! I’m so glad our work came out so well. Some of the drawings look a little blurry over at the New Slang page though. Hmm.. AH well:D I’m still happy with what we came up with.

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