6 thoughts on “Babies Ahoy

  1. marla

    The first time I held my niece, my dad just plopped her in my hands too! I think there are pictures of me in the internet with a look of disbelief (coupled with the usual retarded, bug eyed look). I find babies terribly precious, but once they start crying and pooping, I toss them back to their parents.

    What makes us different though is that me breeding is in the plans… probably within the next five years. Haha!

  2. Jaton

    I like this! My non-existent uterus expanded as well, whenever one my sisters give birth.

    My favorite birth was for my nephew Sebastian. My brother in law, a six foot three Austrian man broke down crying. “How can you get mad at a face like that?” he said.

  3. Reg Post author

    Marla: they are wondrous creatures… I still can’t get over how simple, but amazing they are. Tali smiled for the first time last night; I think she passed gas.

    Kids in 5 years?? Mazel tov! 😀

    Jaton: Hahaha! I wish you had pictures. (I deleted all of the hysterical pictures they took of me. Those bastards. 😉

  4. denice

    Haha! I love the Uterus Monster! I totally can relate! Incidentally, the spate of pregnancies here in the office and in family circles sort of ensures the inevitable “so, when are you gonna get married and have little piggies for babies?” question this Christmas season.

  5. Reg Post author

    Thanks! Yeah… I’m lucky to have a niece; my parents’ hunger for grandchildren has temporarily been sated- FOR NOW. (dundunduuun)

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