Batch One!

Hey guys : ) Here’s the first 5 illustrated tweets. If you don’t see your tweet o’er here, please be patient. I’m still cooking up the second batch.

Thanks, Matthew!

(ANOBAPING) Stolen from resident lover-man, Ping Ronquillo!


(Stolen from Marie!)

Andy O. <3

And so… If you’ve got 140 characters of something poignant, silly, or even dumb to share, you’ve still got a couple of days to fork it over for me to doodle! … That said, this isn’t supposed to be an exercise of a 140 characters worth of fancy-free, okay? Send me something that you really DID read on twitter, or something that you would’ve posted on your own, whether I asked for it, or not:) Otherwise, Disney cross-overs and robo-dudes making pancakes (though extremely cool), hurt my head. Okay? Okay!

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