Hello kids!

Remember me? Egad I’ve been away from a LONG while, and I’m truly sorry for the serious lack of updates. To make it up to you, I’d like to have another free for all. It started like this: 2 nights ago, my dear friend Alice requested that I illustrate 10 commandments for assholes;  being a guilt-ridden, cantankerous lady with a billion and one peeves, I happily agreed. All the same, I’d love to give you guys a shot at choosing which streaks of douchebag horror to address. Vent it all out, if you will. Much like the Illustrated Tweets exercise I had a couple of weeks ago, I’ll be illustrating these 10 commandments, and then we can look at the negativity we’ve wrought and clap gleefully! Yay!  I’ve already done one to get the ball rolling:

10 ways to quit, asshole.

I confess, I’ve got another little tablet in the works already… but if you’ve got a good one to share, by all means, send it over!

2 thoughts on “Hello kids!

  1. Bianca

    Ooh, I HATE it when people push to get into the MRT before the passengers get out. Wtf? Haha, but that may be my slight agoraphobia speaking ;P

  2. DOBLE

    DAMN IT. You beat me to “Pull up your goddamn pants.” Okay…How about “Use your (fucking) words”?

    Nothing in the world makes me want to punch walls more than people’s refusal to use their words when communication is what’s needed. Whether we’re talking about passive-aggressive martyrs or unintelligible screaming fundamentalists, when we don’t talk like civilized humans, everyone loses. Jerk face.

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