15 thoughts on “So… I’ve been gone for 3 weeks

  1. Angela Mapa

    Saw this on Jammi’s page. I’m in Cebu now attending an acting workshop and after I read this I had to write to Jammi: Dude, this AMBITION thing pretty much sums up why I’m in Cebu haha

  2. marla

    Babe, if you ever print this out, I’d love to have a copy. My thoughts are pretty incoherent right now but here it goes:

    1. I was also the one sent out to represent the class with the on the spot poster making contests in Woodrose. I’d never win. And art class was one of my worst subjects. I think this made me insecure about my art skills and it’s what led me to the “I want to be a lawyer” phase in high school. I wanted respect from society. Then art would be my hobby on the side.

    2. I considered my time after college my internship phase. I wasted time in two jobs I abhorred and it was time I can never have back — but thing is, how was I to know if those industries were for me or not.

    3. I’m badly trying to play catch up with my career. If I wasn’t so neurotic and obsessed with my identity crisis, I’d be in a much better place right now. I get so insecure of talented 22 year old’s now because that could’ve been me but I chose to be so spineless and aimless.

    4. I can’t wait to see you on Thursday. I miss you and I love you. We have so, so much to talk about!

  3. Reg Post author

    Marla babe, you hit it dead straight right there: “-but thing is, how was I to know if those industries were for me or not.”

    I always consider myself lucky when talking to you, because I always feel like I walk away richer and more thoughtful:)

    ^^ Love, thank you for all the kind comments and for linking my work. You’re a real darling.

  4. Ailen

    “[S]ometimes you have to learn what you don’t want before you can discover what you absolutely need to be doing in your life.”Oh, thanks for this, Reg. Just hit home on so many levels.Am posting this also on tumblr, I hope you don’t mind. :) Btw, wise words from the boyfriend. What a catch.

  5. AJ

    I’m 30 and I should have read this 9 years ago. Thank you for putting into words and pictures my sentiments. All the best to you and your happiness. ^^

  6. Reg Post author

    Thank you very much! Readers like you, and the comments you send always leave me slightly winded, and without fail, profoundly grateful. Thank you for making my comics worthwhile. : )

  7. DOBLE

    I’ve believed in your work for a long time now. You know why? The S.S. Easy Does It. And Monopoly Guy cameos.

    Keep up the good work!

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