“Because X is the new Y”

Last week or so, the lovely Alice asked me if I was interested in contributing comics on “Dating” for New Slang. Naturally, I yelled HELLYES! got to work immediately, and then proceeded to tear my hair out the next following day. As it turns out, I know next to NOTHING on dating. YES I can share a story or two about relationships, but somehow that’s not quite the same thing, is it?

Gizmo, I resolve that we should go on more dates.

Either way, please excuse the choppy narrative… I kind of winged it on the final stretch and didn’t plan it out as well as I should have. ‘Hope you enjoy though!

Like what you see?  Check out New Slang for more prose and essays by artists who tell it like it is.

5 thoughts on ““Because X is the new Y”

  1. Ailen

    Reg, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (not stalking! just reading!) and this is my favorite post of yours. I love it!

    After all, what is dating, really, than a search for electricity?

    So so true. Can I repost? :)

  2. Reg Post author

    HAHA! Hey Ailen! How’ve you been? Haven’t seen you in so long :)

    Thank you, and OF COURSE you can repost :) I’d love to share CerealSat with as many people as I can.

  3. Reg Post author

    HAHAHAHAHA YOU DELIGHTFUL MAN. NO, that is not Gizmo and clearly, as I am dating a bearded man with authentic man parts, I am NOT gay.

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