Hi all…

Knives, my darling laptop is currently in the shop. Her video card conked out yesterday afternoon and it might be another 1-2 weeks before I get her back. (cue eating my feelings)

In the mean time, I’m working on Gizmo’s little red Acer, Vanessa. She’s a tiny little thing, and her keyboard is just my size. ‘Makes me wonder how Giz’s huge man hands manage without clomping around.

And yes, while I unfortunately haven’t got anything new to really post, I just felt I’d share my first bonafide commission and photoshop’d … thing:

Looks like Rainbow Brite snorted radioactive skittles. Lisa Frank (meets Bill Nye) was the peg so please don’t scoff  😉 hehehe…

(Tzi “Baman” David, Rina “The Fonz” Alfonso, and Dave “scrotumnose” Alegre, you guys are the best.)

Look familiar? It was based on that baby shower invite I made for Jen and baby Lucy all those months back (Love you girls<3) Thanks for the work too, Alysia! Twas a pleasure.

Side note: No I won’t be boring all of you with off handed braggy talk for every time I get paid to do something. But “firsts” deserve a post, right? (sheepish grin)

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