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Here’s an illustration I painted last night, on a chance that it’d be used as a flier for some show-girl-tastefully leggy (I’m guessing), Hong Kong broadway show titled “Le Secret”. I am totally serious. I’m speculating that the show will be staged at Le Theater too.

.. No such luck, I’m afraid :( Apparently they didn’t WANT an illustration. sigh.  All the same, I’m quite pleased with it. HA!


I’m catching a break from my banner-mailer duties at work to send you darlings a quick doodle I did today:

“While I had my back turned cooking breakfast, my cat Merlin ate two pieces of raw bacon.”…

WELP, okay the bacon I did here isn’t raw, but crispy bacon as so much nicer to picture than the cold, limp truth. :3 I wanted to make another kitty doodle of Kira, another little sweetheart (with the biggest eyes EVAR), alas I didn’t have a lot of time. AHA! TOMORROW THEN!

Batch One!

Hey guys : ) Here’s the first 5 illustrated tweets. If you don’t see your tweet o’er here, please be patient. I’m still cooking up the second batch.

Thanks, Matthew!

(ANOBAPING) Stolen from resident lover-man, Ping Ronquillo!


(Stolen from Marie!)

Andy O. <3

And so… If you’ve got 140 characters of something poignant, silly, or even dumb to share, you’ve still got a couple of days to fork it over for me to doodle! … That said, this isn’t supposed to be an exercise of a 140 characters worth of fancy-free, okay? Send me something that you really DID read on twitter, or something that you would’ve posted on your own, whether I asked for it, or not:) Otherwise, Disney cross-overs and robo-dudes making pancakes (though extremely cool), hurt my head. Okay? Okay!

Hi guys…

Well this week’s been busier than usual. On the bright side, my day job’s been charging me to illustrate pages for the company video, and I’m not complaining. (tee hee) Problem is I haven’t had as much time to doodle my own stuff, and I’m being watched more closely than evar. Biscuits.

That’s when I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask for a little help from you guys : ) I’d like to illustrate tweets this week: simple, easy, 140 characters or less sentences. Comment below or pop an email my way, and I’ll illustrate your tweet of choice for you! Game? Let’s do this!